YTP Tennis Robotnik Tries to Dance Like Thom Yorke But Fails01:58

YTP Tennis Robotnik Tries to Dance Like Thom Yorke But Fails

Watch for the full story.

So after being a fat and losing to his suntan lotion, Robotnik embarked on an epic quest to find it again until he suddenly ran into da best lead singer of all tiem

THOM YORKE (frum Radiohead)

"Bitch u be movin' in on ROBOTNIK'S turf, better get outta da way before I mean bean machine u or sumtin" said Robuttnik.

"Whatever Eggman guy" said Yorke in response to Rabnik's totally intimidating response.

"Damnit my name is nat fuckgn EGGMAN you shoe, now I will have to destructify u using foo's I have already destroyed or something" said Robotnik as his suntan lotion suddenly appeared.

"Teem up we r tryign to escape from da evul Robotnik" said the suntan lotion to Thom Yorke. "Sure, i'll join" Yorke replied.

They teem'd up. (Other members of the team were SUNIC, Kitty0706, the other members of Radiohead, Mametchi and that band from Tamagotchi)

Then Rbtnk got together his team which consisted of a quarter of the members of Sonic's team excluding Sonic himself since he was on suntan lotion's team.

Tune in next time on SUNTAN LOTION SAGA to find out which taem wins dis battl. rofl

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